Robert Talib Douglas

Dec. 25th, 2005

First, I'd like to thank you for taking time out of your life to write to me. Secondly, consider this as a blessing. I'm one who has great insight of prison life in general population and on death row.

I have written many stories (essays), about my life, prison life, the system and some world problems.

What I write is real (truthful), I'm not into con-games, but into touching people's hearts so they cannot just read what happened to me, but feel what happened to me. Now at times, it might be a delay in recieving mail from me, I'm working with a $15.12 to $15.84 per month pay which I recieve (Idle-pay).

Now, I have a booklet titled, "Blind Justice" which consists of 41 pages and over 35 exhibits (showing and proving the truth of matters). The booklet will give a deep insight of all the foul tactics that was used to convict me of two crimes, robbery and murder. I know you have heard many stories of people saying they are innocent in, please believe, there are many innocent people in prison, who become expendable to help enhance careers (judges, prosecutors). I'm living that now. Here's an article to start you off, "The Death Penalty and Injustice Toward Minorities".

Peace be unto you,


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