Minister Dennis "Muata" Mayfield Brewer - Jan 17th, 2005

Dearest Courtney,

With all Praise to God, I hope this letter finds you well. The execution of Ray Allen took place this morning at 12:30am. I hope you received my first response with ideas for your web site.

There's another execution lined up for next month, and Michael and I have known each other since I have been here and we are friends. There's another execution set for April so we have to get busy, Courtney. The cases that are coming up for execution are all or many from the early 1980s. My case is from 1988 giving me 3 to 4 years appeal time in Federal Appeals. I'm at the first level Federal District Court as we are petitioning for new claims to be added and so forth before the judge reviews my petition. Just to give you an idea of where I'm in all of this.

I think that with all of these executions so close together many of the young new comers to death row will have a new attitude and will not want to waste any time passing time.

As you may well know that the people sit on death row for 5 years or more without legal counsel. I think you should check out the following web site and advertise it on your site as needed helpful information.

The Christian Civil Liberties Union

Mother Company USA
2190 Pummit Dr. Suite 202
Falls Church, VA, 22043

I also wanted to extend the info to you for Death Penalty Focus Email: info@deathpenalty.org. Mike Farrell is President and from here you can tap into all the news about the death penalty and developments and updates.

I hope that I have been of some help Courtney, as I am so limited without my property. I kept and ran my cell like a lab, as that's what a cell is to me. A place where I work to help others and myself, and share spirit of love through my writing. I haven't been able to get into my poetry as these executions are not allowing me the mental flow that I need to write poetry. But it will come along soon, I'm seeing, as love is the driving force behind my writing and you know nothing can stop love as it's gonna do what it's gonna do, ok? :)

I have to close, but I wish you well and a beautiful day,

With A Perfect Touch
God Bless You,
Your Friend,
San Quentin Death Row

Note: I sent Dennis a package a few weeks ago with envelopes, paper, pictures of me, picture of him he'd asked for and a printout of the web site. He doesn't seem to have received it, judging from this letter.

If you would like to send stamped envelopes or paper to Dennis to help him get his letters to me, or if you would like to send him or I any comments regarding our correspondence, please click here to email me.

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