Anthony Fletcher - Jan 24th, 2006

I received a letter from Anthony Fletcher yesterday. He has requested that I don't post his letters, but rather quote some things if I find them interesting.

Anthony himself is interesting. A former lightweight boxing champ, he's been incarcerated for over a decade in a case that seems like it shoud have been open and shut self-defense.

Anthony would like very much for you to visit his web site and read the case details for yourself. www.anthony-fletcher.com. The case details are there for you to review, and you can also donate to help Anthony fight for his freedom.

Remember, Since 1977, 1008 people have been executed in the United States while another 122 death row inmates have been released after they were found innocent.

At the time of Governor Ryan's blanket commutation decision in the State of Illinois, 12 people had been executed in that State since 1977 while 13 have been released after proving their innocence-an error rate of 52 percent.

Fifty-two percent

It makes you wonder, it really makes you wonder how many of those 1008 executed in the United States were innocent men.

In fact, here is a list of executions that have occurred where there were significant doubts about the defendant's guilt: deathpenaltyinfo.org - Executed but Possibly Innocent

I urge you to read Anthony's web site and come to your own conclusion. If you conclude, as most people do, that this man has an actual innocence claim, please donate. We can't afford to question another man's guilt or innocence after the fact.

If you would like to send stamped envelopes or paper to Anthony to help him get his letters to me, to his webmaster, or if you would like to send him or I any comments regarding our correspondence, please click here to email me.

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