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From The Dungeon Of California's San Quentin Death Row Hole (Grade B Walk Alone), Dennis Mayfield Brewer Still Walks Alone On "Grade A" In East Block.

On Thursday April 27, 2006, I, Dennis Mayfield Brewer, was called to appear before the Warden's committee, and all staff involved in conducting the investigation concerning my placement in "The AC Hole Dungeon" on December 10, 2005 in re of the execution of my brother Stanley "Tookie" Williams. The Warden had received some information about a plan of attack on staff in the event of the execution of my brother, and I and some 8 others were all placed in the hole pending the outcome of the Warden's investigation.

At this committee it was for my program review hearing, and I was told via the Warden that I was found not to have any involvement in such a plan of attack against staff or anyone. I was cleared of all charges. The Warden apologized to me, and I was recommended to be returned back to "Grade A" East Block program as I was prior to December 10, 2005. But all did not go that simple.

As I returned to my cell in the dungeon (1-AC-65) to pack my belongings, I was called back before the committee 30 minutes later, and told that my "C-File" (Prison File) did not yet have the "Release Form" called a (1030 Release Form) that shows I have been cleared for the return to "Grade A" East Block program. He said, I would be brought back before the committee that following Thursday, and all would be in order for my return to East Block Grade A program. I was asked to please bare with him.

With mixed emotions and not too thrilled about the mismanagement of this committee - via paperwork that is so important within this prison. I returned to my cell (1-AC-65), and sat on the bunk in disgust. As I was all packed up, I just left all my things right where they were all boxed up and ready to go.

The next day on Friday April 28, 2006, I was told to pack it up for East Block. Then 30 minutes later I was told there was still a problem with the paper-work, and I would not be moved that day. The next following day Saturday April 29, 2006, I was finally moved to East Block, but still on "Grade B" status in the hole within East Block. The hole in East Block is on the (2nd floor) yard side that faces the inner parts of San Quentin from East Block. There I had to remain until Thursday May, 2006, to appear before the Warden and committee for clearance back to "Grade A".

Being placed in the hole in East Block was more punishment if you ask me, but I believe they thought they were doing me a favor by just moving me out if "The AC Hole Dungeon". I was housed in the center section of the second floor of East (2-East 'lard-2B). I went from having to deal with 2 or 3 "J-cat" (Mentally ill) inmates to 20 or 30 or more yelling, banging, and talking loud 24 hours a day. It was totally impossible for myself and many others to get any sleep at night. I had to cat-nap when I could which wasn't often. Plus I was on "bug patrol" as I had to kill a few cockroaches as soon as I got inside the cell. The location and area is very filthy. Always water on the floor out front of the cell, and the railing across from the cell is corroded from dirty water running down over them everyday. It also smells of mildew, many other scents that I will spare you the details of, but note that it is very nasty in this area.

On the second day in East Block at about 4:00 a.m. in the morning, I was just about sleep when the alarm blasted off. I was so loud that I leap to my feet like a cat, as this alarm sounded like it was coming from the back of the cell I was in. The alarm speaker was mounted on the wall right across from this cell (2-EY-28), and if you can just imagine your head right in front of a firetruck horn that is stuck on for 5 to 20 minutes at a time, you know what I'm talking about. Plus I have a hearing problem of ringing of the ears, and this loud alarm doesn't help me at all. This alarm goes off at least a few times a day, and I have to put in my earplugs, and put my hands over my ears until the alarm is turned off. But due to the noise level I have to keep the earplugs in at all times just to deal with all.

Then I had to deal with everyone that came to the shower that was right next door to the cell I was in (2-EV-28). Everyone that came to the shower had to yell and shout to talk to their friends or whoever, making it impossible for me to get anything done. I had to endure all this until May 4, 2006, as I had no choice in the matter.

On Thursday May 4, 2006, two other guys along with myself all went before the committee. We were given our "Grade A", but still placed on "Walk Alone" status, as some unknown person wrote a note to East Block staff stating something negative about myself and the other two guys who all went before the committee on this day. Writing such a note or letter to the officers of San Quentin is known as "Dropping A Kite" to inform or tell the police something about someone else. The term commonly used for this conduct is "Snitching". In this case the person doesn't sign his name on the kite to let anyone know who he is. Thus the authenticity of the kite or note is none, and should be disregarded. But the Warden read it and said that he and his staff had to look into it and get back to me later. So the 3 of us remain on Walk Alone status, but now on "Grade A" in East Block. That means we are assigned to a exercise yard that is a single man cage that is 5 foot by 10 foot in size. There is no water, sink, toilet, or urinal. I refuse to take part in this "Walk Alone" program as I want my program back to the way it was prior to December 1 , 2006.

Written By: Dennis Mayfield Brewer May 12, 2006

If you have any comments or would care to support me in my quest to fight for my life and work toward putting an end to the death penalty, please write to me at:

Dennis Mayfield Brewer
P.O. Box C-93626, 1-AC-65
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, California
USA, 94974

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