Love is the Key by Dennis Mayfield Brewer

From "Pieces of My Soul"

Late at night in my dreams,
I see the children of the world running free,
no hatred, racism, or segregation,
but rather graceful unity,
For they only know true love,
as it is the power source that naturally moves them,
to do only what's best in the interest of long life.
They put their heads together
and hands side by side in school,
to work the magic of the golden rule,
they know as "to love one another",
that they all behold in their starry eyes,
Full of bursting energy,
and pure love,
they build the world over,
as if they did it all from Heaven's front door.
Standing on solid ground,
and gazing down,
the whole milky way they can't resist,
Like dazed artist at work on a canvas in a zone,
they paint the world over block by block,
city by city,
state by state,
and country by country that is all of their
beautiful hearts and souls.
Peace, Love and Harmony is all they know,
it is the language they speak,
know and love,
as their hearts beat strong like an African Congo drum,
with sounds of energy for unity,
and world love.
As I awaken from my dream,
I'm so full of love and pure energy,
to let the children of the world know,
"To just let their loving hearts be their guide to know
and embrace all righteousness that comes."
From parents and elders who only want the best for
each and every beautiful child they have,
and meet.
As we elders know that love is the solution,
and our children of the world are that love,
and key,
We have to keep up our drive to strive on for peace,
and harmony,
as our children are indeed at work to rebuild and
recreate civilization that is of unity and world love,
even within you and me.
I don't know of any child who can resist a milky way,
but it wasn't the "candy bar" I was referring to,
but rather the great galaxy.
Children are busily at work,
painting everyday,
and most of their artistry is of you and me.
The first love they ever knew,
their parents and elders whom they love and trust
with Heaven's dew.
With the power of our children's love daily on the rise about us,
let's give them all we've got so they may live long,
and enjoy life.
As love is what our children of the world know,
relate to,
and live for to enjoy every day of their lives,
they truly need and require the best of our love
at all times.
I encourage you all "To Love One Another",
as love is the key...

Written by Dennis Mayfield Brewer

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